Quarta-feira, 17 de Julho de 2013

The Moody Blues Poems....

René Bang

Beast of the game



Thru thunder we twist our minds,

Trying to shunt with the world

But the world doesn’t notice our struggle.

Fatuity fills the narrative heart, as the body fights the madness within…

Carving fights but keeping the specter alive.

Forgetting the beauty and nailing the empty,

Because beauty is only a diamond,

Our so they defend…

Like a true vagabond of life the yearning is but a lost sentence to the ego.

The same ego that lost every battle against himself…

There no trust in any of the story’s because the past did not care.

Behold the naked truth of the bird,

As silence fills the open drum…

Love abandoned the narrator does as he believes,

So dark innuendo continue to beat on…

As the dogs of war continue to drag his weak body to the final act,

Only to gamble the words of his last chapter,

And fulfill the duties of one soar creature…. 

Written by: David Nightingale às 04:23
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Domingo, 6 de Janeiro de 2013

The Moody Blues Poems....


Field Of Devour

Overshadowed by a field of desert roses,
The mind cultivates emotion.
Beyond the cold glance and few words,
The soul suspends love…
Motion fades cold deserts before his eyes,
While reluctant and bashed ghosts slide through memories.
Ego tripping some might say, filth other may conclude…
But no, every dark story has its book,
And with that same book burned pages bright fires,
Some may show you the inner tomb.
Where joys are buried but dreams still subside.
Chained bounded the heart tingles,
Unknown echoes dwell loose…
Facing almost an eternal mirror of classical tragedy,
Bullied by fate and abandoned by faith…
Just to venerate empty spaces till the final term.

Written by: David Nightingale às 02:00
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Terça-feira, 18 de Dezembro de 2012

The Moody Blues Poems....


Bleeding Bits


Could never know the roads I’ve been wondering,

Since the morning I rose out my of cradle.

Lost myself for hours filling my extended roots

Only by watching the city rise…

I felt beloved…

Even when I was followed by shadows, bashed our swallowed…

My name flew around and minor days just didn’t matter.

I’m not a person of soft phrases or elegant and poetic matches,

Mostly I scour the same shoreline…

Taught myself to love the flesh of words...

Because your part of the bigger worth,

Blessed by blood, but drawn in sorrow

Eager to escape but guarded by false prophets,

Powered by the faith of the same paper…

I grant myself the dream of bleeding out all emotion.

Just to unfold a cold image of the one that doesn’t gain...

A heavy loath is my shell.

All in All everything that I oppress is wild fires that deem a sane viral soul…

Written by: David Nightingale às 00:41
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Segunda-feira, 15 de Outubro de 2012

The Moody Blues Poems....


Fabio P. Reis

Angel of Exile


As the first day rises

So does fate...

Between the sheets of solitude 

We bring our self together

Beloved only by the father...

We long to roll along

Echoes fly! Liberating our quest of truth...

As facing an unknown filthy doom...

Eyes inflamed by desire and inner sin,

Grasping the outer soul...

Only guided by a rustic black book

Drawing unchangeable memories...

That emotional exile provides this dawning heart...

Written by: David Nightingale às 04:10
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Terça-feira, 28 de Agosto de 2012

The Moody Blues Poems....


Broken Boundaries



Cold morning dices trough my veins

Brought myself late last night

Carried the load to many times...that now gods do

Backstabbed ranger on a road to destruction…

Eager to find the book of all realms…

Vicious to the bone and filthy like a scoundrel… let it be me.

Been blessed by the bold night,

Even blinded by the sound of the morning glow.

Yearning to bottle and left it all behind.

Took it all with nothing to judge

Backfired the vengeance and forgot havens of lost dreams…

Remember, remember our last November??

We couldn’t find the key, were all just another master & hound.

Gathering fake glories,

Bouncing memories…


…facing the literal cause of bohemian rhapsody,

Leaning towards the boundaries of the ethic righteousness,

But forgetting the nature of the human ethic

It’s too soon to be driven out: you said… all so true

Let us not be scientists of our own destiny….

It’s not worth the hunt.

But never forget to let the hunger die...

Written by: David Nightingale às 02:11
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Quarta-feira, 8 de Agosto de 2012

The Moody Blues Poems....

Gaining Tides


Grasping for a bit of reality I wonder the shoreline

Fading breeze wakes the no man’s land before me

As angels guide me to the mainland

Summer whispers a self-satisfying triumphal tune.


Going trustful like firing the ego,

The unknown dwells deep as seas comb to the delight of eyes

Gentle the sand strokes his feet as his soul gains color

Backing the sane calm heart to kill Hades drums…


Baffled by a wondering awareness 

Eden finds itself before the bounced ticker.

Without any timekeeper to quarrel the viral domain, nor jail the momentum

An eternal flame creating existence …

Written by: David Nightingale às 02:37
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Sexta-feira, 22 de Junho de 2012

Loose words...

(Img:Heaven`s Gate) 

Untitled IV



…Take me far beyond the night,

Where the forest obscures the final slide...

Where faith englobes the soul and mind...

Like marking and bounding the heavens to neutralize...

Let the red shade my worried eyes and the smell infect my holy mind...

Obligating the sorrow to dwell into the sea of the devils playground...

Lost streets gain and harmonize the soul like diamonds at rough...

Like a thief let me roam those strait streets only to find the mainland...

Open wounds still hide in these dark brown eyes openly but forgotten...

Let the juice of decades lose my hindered karma...

Restless and viral my state continues only to fade in words…

Written by: David Nightingale às 04:21
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Segunda-feira, 16 de Abril de 2012

The Moody Blues Poems....




Haunted by the past the heart lives on.

As there is no space for dying love,

Humans try to figure the unwanted.

The past is a memorial of lost times,

And the images that your soul carries are another black book.

Determined to be miserable they try to dwell in it,

Scientists of their own destiny,

As trying to break thru the gap that time lays on you.

So does society...

I call it fleeing towards doomed ages,

Many golden rules are forgotten.

Its nature on a last ride to infinity,

Our just arrogance and stupidity that overshadows all of us.

There some old robins out there but nameless...and just a few.

Gazing at the future with open eyes,

Mumbling lost habits and faking resistance…

As another day awaits even the most sincere are hit by fate.

Overtaken by the hard reality life lays on us...

Written by: David Nightingale às 04:30
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Sábado, 11 de Fevereiro de 2012

The Moody Blues Poems....

(luis alvim - caravela)


A Troubadours Card


I turned around and made haste,

My pockets empty & no memory I face the open road.

Back on the crossroad where everything began,

Just to dwell in my outer heavens once more

As night fades into dawn I tend to find my guide.

Just waiting for the right time to entre and fill the empty heart.

Sorrow hangs high and so does the nerveless change.

Like the past never existed and the present doesn’t want to break.

Barked way through rough seas of the dark era,

Never to find a port to anchor this boat.


There aren’t many like me…

Men of few words but worlds to lose yourself within…

Troubadours encaged in their own lonesome world,

Enigmatic bohemians of change and old habits…

Drifters of the loyal pen…


So we set sail again moving while standing still,

Wasting bravery, loyalty and kindness

Like they are meaningless actions…

Filling our minds with virtual resistance,

Because all men need something to believe.

Something to shake the bashed heart,

And fire those suit cased locks.

Written by: David Nightingale às 02:47
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Domingo, 15 de Janeiro de 2012

The Moody Blues Poems....

(Original by Adam Reeder)

 Elohim's Chase


They say the gods greet you only when you believe in them,

It is further from the truth then they believe…

Blinded by false faith they tend to be vultures of their own domain,

Scratching deeply... only to be false sheep.

Bad poets get taken to word deeming the eyes of the true blue sky.

There is no vanity to be a creature of the Yahweh,

But some act the part, just to be unmoral and arrogant.

Anyone knows that "stones" get blessed and all they do is stand.

Like a true Pagan understanding...

Empty houses turn into saviours tombs and all preachers turn saints.

Blasphemy is taken out the book just be put into play.

Even knowing that every day unknown Christ’s are born,

Many neglect that there is truth in this,

Only to sway swiftly into eternal doubts.

Written by: David Nightingale às 03:46
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